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Learning a language for cultural exchange

Learning a different language, Yi said, should be about acquiring a skill to communicate with people from different cultures and understand their way of thinking.   quote from Koreans Learning English Incorrectly Article in Korea Times 2014-03-26 No offense intended to … Continue reading

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I want a gold star

I know what is missing from my self-study of Korean.  Gold stars.  I want those little bits of encouragement and feedback.  I want someone who tracks my progress. Visiting the website Teacher’s Paradise, I had the sudden urge to buy … Continue reading

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Typing in Korean

I want to get to the point where I can type in Korean on my keyboard.  Pardon my ramblings about it.

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It’s music, not learning

Hangul, Hangul everywhere. Today’s challenge:  importing music from my ITunes library to Amazon Cloud Player so I can play on my Samsung Android phone. Turns out, I have something like 1500 songs in ITunes, and Amazon Cloud Player is only … Continue reading

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Open Thread is here!

Check out my post for Today’s Dramabeans Open Thread on the OT page If you are a drama fan and haven’t seen Dramabeans yet, do drop by for a visit with a great group of Korean drama addicts. 🙂

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Google Translate – a crash course

Have you used Google’s translation tools? Essentially, there are four tools 1.  Google Translate extension to web browser for translating a web page. 2.  Google Translate for automated translation of text. 3.  Google Translator Toolkit for translation with human intervention. … Continue reading

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Kouksundo & Poem about Sprouts

A Korean pen pal is practices Kouksundo 국선도.  I had never heard of it, but I did practice Tai Chi for many years before I started taking Taekwondo.  Read more about Kouksundo at their website. One of the meditation poems … Continue reading

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Battling Dragons: Technology and I are not on speaking terms

I refer to struggling with tech problems as battling dragons.  I first started with computers in 1981 on punch cards before we even had computer screens.  I was a computer programmer.  I loved spending endless hours hunched over coding.  I … Continue reading

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Twitter poetry on Shukie’s Birthday

Big hugs to JoAnne and Shukie.  I love you guys! 생일 축하합니다.  Happy Birthday. Beanie Besties, never fake Laugh until your sides ache Snort if some say a mistake To rate kisses, showers take Mock, lampoon, deride, and sneer Chortle, chuckle, cackle, … Continue reading

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Confession: I think I need to start studying

I don’t expect to get many things right as I try to speak or write a little Korean.  I am trying to nurture a supportive environment for myself.  I have come to understand that my earlier attempts to learn language … Continue reading

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Poem: A pleasant letter by hwangdonggyu

One of my Korean drama loving ajumma 아줌마  pen pals sent me a translation of her favorite poem “A Pleasant Letter” (즐거운 편지)   by Hwangdonggyu -황동규 It may be a trivial thing as  the sun sets and the wind rises you … Continue reading

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Disappearing subtitles

There is a tool called the Foreign Language Text Reader.  I read about it on Korean Vitamin’s blog.  Basically, you tell the program the vocabulary you know, and when you load in the foreign language article, it color codes the … Continue reading

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Cultural Exchange: Drums

Sharing our love for music, I play guitar, and my pen pal plays Korean drums.  Here is a link to a concert of Korean drums 사물놀이미르 Samulnori. From Naver: Samulnori is music played on the four basic Korean percussion instruments: ggoenggwari … Continue reading

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Berkshire Taekwondo

My first taste of a little Korean was taking a class of Taekwondo with friends. My instructor Mr. Hughes appeared in a local news article about his Berkshire School of Tae Kwon Do is marking its 30th year. You can … Continue reading

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She tries a sentence … learns a particle

Still attempting to get to the point where I can write a sentence, I tried to say I am learning from chulmoon.  저는 문철씨 배우고 싶어요.  (attempt) Correction from chulmoon: ‘저는 문철씨 한테 배우고 싶어요.’ is better than above. ‘~한테’ … Continue reading

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