Winter night snow

I need romance

I need romance

A beautiful bit of Korean poetry, sent to me by one of my Interpals.

겨울 밤눈은
가로등이 뿌린다
포도 곳곳에.

winter night snow
sprayed by the streetlight
hither thither on the boulevard.

I need kisses

I need kisses

겨울= winter  밤 = night 눈 = snow

I love the rhythm and sound of “포도 곳곳에”.

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1 Response to Winter night snow

  1. jreidy17 says:

    When I first started learning Korean words. I was looking for what syllable to stress. Whenever you learn an English word, you can not say it properly until you know what syllable to stress.

    Canada is Can’NAda with the second syllable stressed.

    We use the rhythm of the stressed syllables to make poetry.

    Shakespeare, the famous British playwright, used it in all his plays and poems.

    Korean doesn’t have the stressing of the syllables. I wonder how then you can create rhythm in Korean poems.


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