Open Thread is here!

Check out my post for Today’s Dramabeans Open Thread on the OT page

If you are a drama fan and haven’t seen Dramabeans yet, do drop by for a visit with a great group of Korean drama addicts. 🙂

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4 Responses to Open Thread is here!

  1. Just subscribed to your blog


  2. emily says:

    Hello Julia. We talked at the NY DramaBeans Meet-up last spring and of course I read your comments on the Open Thread. Congrats on being tech savvy enough to have your own blog! Blogging about your language learning is a great idea – fun to read about and perhaps helpful to others who are trying to do the same. I especially enjoy your posts marked “not learning”, but isn’t any exposure to a language/culture a kind of learning? You “learned” a lot of English before you started school, yes?
    I, too, have had the experience of being inspired to learn a language after watching films in that language – and it is interesting to see how your journey is different from mine.


    • jreidy17 says:

      “Not learning” is my little joke. Perhaps “Not studying” would have been better way to described it. I started this journey to learn the Korean language entirely reluctant to commit to the hard work. I imagined endless hours of language drills, textbooks, and audio tapes that bored me to tears. I consistently avoided creating a habit to study for 30 minutes every day.

      But I like fun. I am curious. I want to learn just a little bit more today, as long as it doesn’t smack of “learning” in the stuffy-school sort of way.

      So I have sort of done the most inefficient and ineffectual way of learning possible, This has made me frustrated occasionally, as I feel like I am not making any progress at all.

      Starting the blog, getting Korean Interpals, this seems to be when I finally admitted to myself that I actually want to learn. It doesn’t mean I have figured out how, hence the documenting my missteps.

      I needed to warm up to Korean. Like a shy person who needed to get to know you for a while before inviting into their house. I was seriously intimidated by the idea of learning a language. Frankly, I was also totally clueless about how many hours commitment it will take to get even a beginner level of competency. I wasn’t ready to marry Korean. I wasn’t ready to take him home to meet the family. Korean was my little secret I kept hidden as a stack of books in my bathroom.

      This blog has me outing myself. I’ve admitted I like Korean. I think about Korean. I dream about Korean. I plan to spend many more years with Korean. I’m a KDrama addict.


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