Spring by Yun Dong-ju

I was pleased to discover a site of Korean Poetry.  A collection of contemporary Korean poetry in translation. Because one of my pen pals likes the poet, I had gone searching for Yun Dong-ju. Yun Dong-ju (1917 – 1945) was known for lyric poetry as well as resistance poetry against Japanese colonialism. Below is a fitting example of his poetry as we see Seoul all bursting with Spring flowers.


Spring by Yun Dong-ju

Spring runs within blood vessels like a stream,
and on the bank near a stream
forsythias, azaleas, and yellow cabbage flowers

I, who have endured winter,
sprout like grass

Joyful robin,
fly up from any furrow

The blue sky
glistens high above


봄이 혈관 속에 시내처럼 흘러
돌 , 돌, 시내 가차운 언덕에
개나리, 진달래, 노오란 배추꽃

삼동(三冬)을 참어온 나는
풀포기처럼 피어난다.

즐거운 종달새야
어느 이랑에서나 즐거웁게 솟쳐라.

푸르른 하늘은
아른아른 높기도 한데

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2 Responses to Spring by Yun Dong-ju

  1. lynshaiza says:

    It’s a beautiful poem:) especially the line ‘I, who have endured winter sprout like grass’


  2. jreidy17 says:

    I tried putting the Hangul that translation describes as “Joyful robin, fly up from any furrow” into Google Translate. I rolled on the floor laughing when the result came back:
    “‘re Fun lark
    How happy socks ridin gyrus or in any hands.”
    Happy socks!!! LOL Trying to understand poetry at my novice level of Korean is a challenge, but I am having fun.


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