Crossword Puzzle, not learning


Another fun thing to do, crossword puzzles!  As a kid, I use to make up activity books for my sisters including all sorts of coloring, games, and puzzles.  The idea of playing with Korean words to make up a Korean crossword puzzle is interesting.  Unlike in English where the intersections are a single letter, in Hangul you would have a syllable.  For example, Korea ‘한국‘ and America ‘미국’ share the syllable ‘국’.

I think it would be such an intellectual challenge to review my vocabulary and try to make up a Korean crossword that it is a great “not learning” activity.

Here is a sample of a crossword puzzle about Korean dramas from a fancypaperexperience. I tried to reblog, but I did something wrong, so click on the image below to be sent to her blog entry.

crosswordpuzzle crossword2

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1 Response to Crossword Puzzle, not learning

  1. tayfan2 says:

    Thanks for the shout out. My kdrama/Kpop Korean culture friends online have toyed with the idea of a Hangul crossword puzzle but none have been brave enough to try.


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