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Cheongju: A Foreigner’s Guide

Anna from Open Thread told me that she is traveling next to Cheongju, Korea. I was curious, so of course I went googling. I discovered Cheongju: A Foreigner’s Guide with some interesting resources.  Why can’t I pay $50 for a … Continue reading

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Learning Hangul

Quite honestly, I learned Hangul from GenkiKorean’s Hangul Rap. I would try to form my hands to the shape of the letters while singing along to the 40 second video. It matched the sound with my hands shaping the letter … Continue reading

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FTIsland Korean lessons

Owl told us about FTIsland Hangul Live Korean Lessons.  Five Treasure Island, is a South Korean band.  “At first I said I can’t be a teacher, but the company told me that’s not what this is about. It’s problem solving in a … Continue reading

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Drama Fever will hold Award Ceremony in NYC on May 1st

I’m just crazy enough that I have bought tickets and will be attending the DF Awards ceremony to catch a glimpse of some Asian actors. Anyone else going?

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Open Thread is here!

Check out my post for Today’s Dramabeans Open Thread on the OT page https://jreidy17.wordpress.com/ot/ If you are a drama fan and haven’t seen Dramabeans yet, do drop by for a visit with a great group of Korean drama addicts. 🙂

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A little poem to mistakes

Mistake 실수 is one of the first Korean words 한국말 I looked up in the dictionary 사전.  So it inspired me to write a poem 시.  A little poem to Mistakes  실수에 대한 짧은 시 by Julia I want to make … Continue reading

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