FTIsland Korean lessons

Owl told us about FTIsland Hangul Live Korean Lessons.  Five Treasure Island, is a South Korean band. 

FTIslandHangulLesson“At first I said I can’t be a teacher, but the company told me that’s not what this is about. It’s problem solving in a fun way.”
Hongki 홍기

“If many people learn Korean from us and listen to our music, that’s killing two birds with one stone.” SeungHyun 승현

ft1Let’s study together for a year.  We’ll pick one topic every month and tell you about a related expression.” 홍기

자리 있어요?

Is there a seat?


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1 Response to FTIsland Korean lessons

  1. Korean Vitamin says:

    My cable has NHK World TV but I never catch the show so thank you. I’m sure the video won’t stay long on YouTube.


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