Learning Hangul

genkikoreanalphabetgameQuite honestly, I learned Hangul from GenkiKorean’s Hangul Rap. I would try to form my hands to the shape of the letters while singing along to the 40 second video. It matched the sound with my hands shaping the letter and that just stuck in my brain.

See also GenkiKorean’s Alphabet Game.  While I was just playing, “not learning”,  Hangul letters sunk in.

Refer to my earlier post on Korean letters.

learningkoreanwithasmileYou should practice both writing and typing Hangul while learning.  Just like when you learned ABC’s, the act of writing embeds the letters into your brain.

I’ve just started reading “Learning Korean with a Smile: Reading and Writing Hangeul”.  While I can read typed Korean letters, I am pretty inexperienced writing them and figuring out how to read Korean others have hand-written.

ARatsTaleI practiced reading Hangul out loud with the book “A Rat’s Tale” that has slang terms and funny little one page skits about the terms in both Hangul and English.  You sort of don’t realize it is learning when the two guys are discussing how one lost his virginity at a love motel.

Professor Oh

Professor Oh

Here are other resources for learning Hangul:

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2 Responses to Learning Hangul

  1. 장재희❤ says:

    I learned 한글 with Professor Oh as well! Her videos were good 🙂


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