Eye Shape

juliaeyespencil copyI struggled when I first started watching Korean dramas until I realized that I was not paying attention to the right details.  I use hair color, hair style, eye color, clothing worn, and the sound of the voice to identify people.  A school full of uniformed kids with straight black hair and brown eyes is hard for me to figure out who is who!  Then it struck me that eye shape is important in Korean faces, and I wasn’t looking at the eyes at all.

Now I am trying to teach myself how to look at eye shape and find a vocabulary for it.

Pogo directed me to BunBun’s article on 14 different shapes for East Asian eyes.

I’ve puzzled over it and decided that I have hazel colored, deep-set almond eyes.  What kind of eyes do you have?

Round Eyes  동그란 눈

Deepset Eyes  움푹한 눈

She has lovely hazel eyes.
그녀의 운동자는 엷은 갈색이다.

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1 Response to Eye Shape

  1. Thanks for the link to the eyes article. I now know (I think) how to describe my main character’s features. I think he’s got Phoenix with monolids but i also like the eye-shape of Jesse Lewis. Yep, am in love with my main character. Not sure how to describe the Jesse Lewis eyeshape though. I think my eyes are dark brown


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