Planting a Garden

occbos 074Shaking off the snow fall last week, I am determined to do some gardening this year. Farmer’s Almanac seduces me each week, sending emails, planting guides, and garden
. Check out the Farmer’s Almanac website for your own free planting guide for your area.


What I plan to plant this year

basil – 바질, 양가죽

tomato – 토마토

marigolds – 마리골드

lettuce – 상추

cucumber – 오이

squash – 호박

cabbage – 양배추

rosemary – 로즈메리

oregano –  오레가노

thyme –  타임, 백리향

chives – 차이브, 쪽파

grow vegetables – 채소를 가꾸다

As always, be sure to check reliable sources to confirm these are the correct Korean words. Learning the words for every day tasks, and getting my hands dirty, what could be better?

garden2 garden1 occbos 017 occbos 075



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