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Laugh Lines

그녀가 얼굴에 잔뜩 주름을 지으며 웃었다. Her face crinkled up in a smile. 그가 눈가에 잔주름을 지으며 미소를 지었다. He smiled, his eye crinkling. Laugh Lines 눈가의 주름 face 얼굴 to smile 미소 짓다 to laugh 웃다 귀엽게미소짓다 smile sweetly 기쁘게미소짓다 smile happily … Continue reading

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Daily actions = Large Results

We tend to over-complicate language learning when it’s really all about consistency every single day. Daily actions=large results. – @Amadagin, Retweeted by @Shanna, Retweeted by @jrbeanie17

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HMart Cambridge Meetup May 8

Drama Fever is having a Meetup in Boston at the new Cambridge HMART on  Thursday, May 8, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  Hmm … I have friends in Cambridge, maybe I will go.

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