Daily actions = Large Results

We tend to over-complicate language learning when it’s really all about consistency every single day. Daily actions=large results.

– @Amadagin,

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A lesson I wish I had learned earlier in life is that seemingly gigantic goals can be accomplished by setting up a plan and doing a little bit working towards that goal every day.

One day, I got the fool notion in my head that I was going to do the 3 day walk to raise money for breast cancer.  I went for 3 mile strolls at the park, but I had never trained for an athletic event.  With 6 months of training, I was able to do what was simply inconceivable to me before … walk 60 miles in 3 days.  I followed a weekly walking schedule that took me from 3 miles a day to 20 miles a day in 20 weeks.


Elated at the finish line, I wondered

“What else in my life have I thought was impossible that might be possible?”

As a language learner, I am a novice, but I know if I can make a plan and establish habits, that I can make rapid improvements.  Challenging oneself, clearing the time, and establishing habits can make a big difference.  Decide on a goal you really want. Amazing synchronisity happens when you put your energy in a positive direction.

Because I haven’t studied seriously since college, I browsed this article to refresh my mind about Time Management Strategies for students.  I never thought in retirement I would be thinking about time management!  However, getting serious about studying has made me busy and I am beginning to think I should efficiently use my study hours, not just fritter away the day playing on the computer.  The ideas are still cooking in my brain, I am warming up to the idea that I am going to change my whole lifestyle because of getting Korean pen pals, but it seems that is what is happening to me.  When I get it all figured out, I’ll let you know!

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1 Response to Daily actions = Large Results

  1. Ed Oyama says:

    what a quote. those little steps definitely add up – in your case, literally. thanks for sharing!


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