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How good is your English? OOPT

Language acquisition and testing competency is an area I have never explored before.  I feel like I am dog paddling thru a sea of information trying to make sense of it. italki today suggested I should take the Oxford Online Placement … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month – Week Three

Originally posted on Shukmeister:
April 15 The whiteness mocks me in my despair. From whence does the time flow? I sit, alone, in my hard wooden chair, Wondering, am I on a plateau? Trying to cudgel out some more prose,…

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Open Thread is here!

Check out my post for Today’s Dramabeans Open Thread on the OT page This Week’s Off Topics: Short Stories, Postcards, Libraries, Flowers, Scrabble If you are a drama fan and haven’t seen Dramabeans yet, do drop by for a … Continue reading

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Having Fun with Dictionaries, Scrabble, and Game Theory

A rambling post about dictionaries, Scrabble, and game theory as I learn Korean.  A peek into my hobbies and friends.

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Berkshire Wildflowers

This gallery contains 25 photos.

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Learning a Language: Real World Pop Quiz

I worked myself up to commit that I AM learning the Korean language about 6 weeks ago. I knew it would be self-study.  So far, I haven’t actually come up with much of a plan.  I’m brain-storming, gathering research, trying … Continue reading

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Fifty word short story about Language Exchange Partners

Writing Challenge from The Daily Post Write a short story that is exactly 50 words long.     In the airport, at last.  Korea. 공항에서, 마침내, 드디어. 한국. 이럴수가. A journey that started with a Korean drama watched on Netflix. … Continue reading

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Happy in Seoul #HAPPYDAY

I’m dancing and singing with the rest of the world to Pharrell Williams’ Happy song.  #HAPPYDAY.  Love this Seoul version of the video.  If you haven’t visited the We Are Happy site yet, do it today!

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Postcards … people still send snail mail

The unexpected joy I have received from starting a blog has been the people who visit. Recently, Em stopped by.  Em is an Interpals member and sends postcards.  Yeah!  Snail mail! Here is Em’s crafty desk for creating her mail: … Continue reading

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Eye Shape

I struggled when I first started watching Korean dramas until I realized that I was not paying attention to the right details.  I use hair color, hair style, eye color, clothing worn, and the sound of the voice to identify … Continue reading

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Culture Exchange: Faces of Interpals

This gallery contains 27 photos.

  TripAdvisor slide show of folks I have met thru Interpals …  if you have 7 minutes and are curious …

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Cheongju: A Foreigner’s Guide

Anna from Open Thread told me that she is traveling next to Cheongju, Korea. I was curious, so of course I went googling. I discovered Cheongju: A Foreigner’s Guide with some interesting resources.  Why can’t I pay $50 for a … Continue reading

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Learning Hangul

Quite honestly, I learned Hangul from GenkiKorean’s Hangul Rap. I would try to form my hands to the shape of the letters while singing along to the 40 second video. It matched the sound with my hands shaping the letter … Continue reading

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FTIsland Korean lessons

Owl told us about FTIsland Hangul Live Korean Lessons.  Five Treasure Island, is a South Korean band.  “At first I said I can’t be a teacher, but the company told me that’s not what this is about. It’s problem solving in a … Continue reading

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Drama Fever will hold Award Ceremony in NYC on May 1st

I’m just crazy enough that I have bought tickets and will be attending the DF Awards ceremony to catch a glimpse of some Asian actors. Anyone else going?

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