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Culture Exchange: Country Music and Trot

One of my pen pals told me that the older Korean generation likes Trot music 트로트.  He compared Trot to American Country Music.  When he was learning English, he liked listening to George Jones’ music. Music 음악 is a great way to interest people … Continue reading

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Passionate about People

When do you think I was learning a language better? Here or here? “One of the biggest problems we have in language learning, but we don’t know it, is motivation.  The reason a polyglot is learning is they are passionate … Continue reading

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TED Talk: 5 Techniques to Speak Any Language

In the TED Talk 5 Techniques To Speak Any Language, Sid made these points: Make Mistakes (Beyond what you know) Use Hangul (Sounds) Find a stickler (Correction) Shower conversations (Practice) Find a buddy (Conversations)       It made me … Continue reading

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Creating a CSV file for Importing Vocabulary

Importing vocabulary is done with comma-separated values (CSV) file format.  This is a bit tricky, because we do not want to have plain ASCII text but instead Unicode.  The reason for that is the file is combining two different languages … Continue reading

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Learn a second language in 2 years or get out

What if you were told you had two years to learn a new language and pass a rigorous language and cultural exam, or face government sanctions or possible deportation? As someone who has studied languages but never mastered a second … Continue reading

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Handwritten Hangul

How are you at handwriting Hangul?  Reading artistic or handwritten Hangul?  How did you learn?

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How to Study Korean

Stick to studying one thing for a month, see what happens.  I am trying to keep this resolve.  I am studying Rob Julien’s Korean Digital Academy (KDA) and supplementing with Talk to Me In Korean TTMIK and KPOP to KTalk’s SEO … Continue reading

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Cultural Exchange: Sharing Economy

One of the things I like best about my language exchange partnership is being exposed to ideas I would not have otherwise come across. For example, we started with a discussion about “Jipbap” (Home meal) a website that helps people … Continue reading

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Asking too many questions – KDA 2nd Class

“Sometimes when you learn a language, there are moments where if you ask too many questions, you are going to have headaches.  Sometimes, there are expressions you just need to learn by heart, and sometimes it is better not to … Continue reading

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Linkword for memorization

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Linkword foreign language learning takes a foreign word and gets the learner to remember it by visualizing a crazy picture, a goofy scene, or a mad mental movie in one’s mind. The system was developed by Dr Michael Gruneberg in … Continue reading

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How much is 2 million won?

It might just be a side effect of studying the Korean language, but I have changed from just being a little curious about Korea dramas 2 years ago to now I am bookmarking tours and studying how the money works … Continue reading

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Numbers dancing in my head

지금 몇 시예요?  What time is it?  아침 하나 시예요.   It is 1 AM. I slipped from dream to a dreamy state of thinking about numbers.   I had read about a learning method that links images to foreign … Continue reading

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She looked beautiful

그녀는 결혼식 날 아름다워 보였다.  She looked beautiful on her wedding day.  

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Can you count in Korean the number of Dramas you’ve seen?

I sort of learned the first ten numbers in Korean, but I still count on my fingers.  My goal before June 11th class of KDA (Korean Digital Academy, Rob Julien’s online class I am taking) is to actually be able … Continue reading

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A good day! Spoke Korean before 10 AM.

Started the day off with texting “젛은 아침”  Good morning to my language exchange partner. “저는 깨어있어요. 커피 한잔 마셔요. 시리얼과 우유 먹어요.”  I’m awake. I drink a cup of coffee. I eat cereal and milk.  I had watched a … Continue reading

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