TTMIK: What did you do today?

Talk To Me In Korean has a page where you can say what you did today.  I’m going to try to do this, although it still feels like pulling teeth to get a sentence out of me.  This one below I was able to put together with help from 최재석 on KaokoTalk.

저는 작은 텃밭에 채소와 꽃을 키우고 있습니다.

I grow vegetables and flowers in my small garden.


작은 텃밭 = small garden


팬지꽃 나의 뜰 = pansies for my garden

나물 = herbs

유기농 식품 = organic food20140509_102111[1]20140509_102118[1]

저는 윅셔너리에 가요 is Julia trying to say “Today I go to the Farm Stand”

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