Have you married Korean?

“We all started studying English when we were in middle school, but not everybody is interested in.  Having English classes and taking them doesn’t mean that you really studied it, doesn’t mean that you really learned anything.” – Talk to Me In Korean, Live Korean Q&A

“You don’t launch into the study of a new language casually.  But it is not quite as solemn a decision as an American man proposing to his girlfriend after an evening of wine and light jazz.  It is, however, something like an Ottoman sultan deciding to take on a new wife.  Something in you actually says ‘I do!’ and you decide to give it time and commitment that would ordinarily be invested elsewhere.” – author Barry Farber, How To Learn Any Language Quickly Easily Inexpensively and On Your Own

Have you married the second language you are learning?

I can’t say I am fully committed.  I look at it like Korean language and I went on a first date February 27, 2014 when I decided to learn Korean.  I haven’t even committed to putting Hangul letters on my keyboard.  I’m still tentative, shy.

To let a language in, make it a part of you, give it your attention, make time for it.  It is a bigger commitment than dating!

Maybe I am just a flirt.  I give Korean sidelong glances and giggle.

I am so far from being ready to become one of Korean’s harem girls. Haha.  Let alone become a wife, in a sort of comfortable relationship where we can finish each other’s sentences and know each other’s deepest secrets.

So how about you?  Are you committed to Korean?  Do you plan to spend the rest of your life learning Korean?


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2 Responses to Have you married Korean?

  1. oegukeen says:

    I didn’t start really learning English until I was at a point where I could actually start digesting material in English – watching movies, reading books, playing games – where learning the language wasn’t means unto itself but a means to an end. That’s when I became unstoppable.

    I hope same will happen with Korean, but even after years of studying, I’m nowhere near that point yet. Still, I purchased a book I really want to read and it’s sitting on my shelf as a reminder of what rewards lie ahead.

    Oh, and I just love that book by Barry Farber!


  2. hana1220 says:

    I decided to fully commit to Korean study 7 yrs.ago. It was tough! After 3 yrs. since I decided to learn Korean, I met an amazing Korean man. 2 yrs. after I met him, fell in love and still in love. I’m both in love with a person and a language.Looking forward to an unending relationship to both of them. Adore this post.


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