Hella Easy Korean

Stumbled across 5 videos that a young Korean man made.  So full of zesty youthful attitude.  You won’t be bored watching “Hella Easy Korean”. Funny.

Korean Greetings

Example:  Weird noises Korean people make – the tones & attitudes

Oy-ui – Dude, how you been attitude

Yah  – means like dang, yo – a caring feeling towards your friend

eung – means yeah

1 일 (하나) il (hana)
2 이 (둘) ee (tul)
3 삼 (셋) sam (set)
4 사 (넷) sa (net)
5 오 (다섯) oh (tah-seot)
6 육 (여섯) yuk (yeo-seot)
7 칠 (일곱) chil (il-gop)
8 팔 (여덟) pal (yeo-dulp)
9 구 (아홉) gu (a-hop)
10 십 (열) ship (yeol)
11 십일 (열하나) ship-il (yeol-hana)
12 십이 (열둘) ship-ee (yeol-dul)
13 십삼 (열셋) ship-sam (yeol-set)
14 십사 (열넷) ship-sa (yeol-net)
15 십오 (열다섯) ship-oh (yeol-taseot)
16 십육 (열여섯) shim-yuk (yeol-yeoseot)
17 십칠 (열일곱) ship-chil (yeol-ilgop)
18 십팔 (열여덟) shi-p’al (yeol-yeodolp)
19 십구 (열아홉) ship-gu (yeol-ahop)
20 이십 (스물) ee-ship (suh-mul)
30 삼십 (서른) sam-ship (seo-run)
40 사십 (마흔) sa-ship (mahun)
50 오십 (쉰) oh-ship (shween)
60 육십 (예순) yuk-ship (yea-sun)
70 칠십 (이른) chil-ship (ee-run)
80 팔십 (여든) pal-ship (eyodun)
90 구십 (아흔) gu-ship (a-heun)
100 백 baek
200 이백 ee-baek
1000 천 chun
10000 만 mahn
100000 십만 ship-mahn
1000000 백만 baek-mahn
100000000 억 eok

How old are you (non. honorific)


Na-yi-ga Uh-tuh-ke-dae?

How old are you(honorifics)
Na-yi-ga Uh-tuh-ke-dae-seyo?

Yun-se-nun Uh-tuh-ke-daeshim-ni-ka?

I am _____ age. 
ex. 23 , Suh-mul-set sal “Im-ni-da
18 Yul -Yul-dul SAL im-ni-da
17 Yul- iL-Gop SAL im-ni-da

I don’t wanna say- Mal -ha-Gi Shil-ta
Why do you wanna know – ARA- Suh-Mo-ha-gae?
You don’t have to know (teasing) – Morl-la-do-dae!

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