Wayside Park

Pictures of a small “pocket park” on the side of Route 2 next to old factory buildings that have been converted to artist lofts and a canal for river floods.WaysidePark20140425_095810

Wayside Park is cared for by volunteers from the North Adams Garden Club.

On March 26,  it was still COLD, with brutal winds and no sign of green.  Spring 봄 arrives late in the Berkshires.


Later that day, snow again.  We had snow April 16, long after Seoul was in full bloom. 20140416_07554320140425_09471720140425_094752

Before green of Spring arrives, the shapes of trees and textures are interesting.

20140425_095147 20140425_095420 20140425_095438

20140425_095100 20140425_095354



Then brave little crocuses 크로커스 popped up.  Along with dandelions  민들레 so loved by Robert Fulghum.  By April 25th, any sign of green that shows the end of winter in the Berkshires is welcome.

20140425_09364420140425_095026 20140425_095239

Buds 나무눈, berries, and little shoots brought joy to my heart.

Three weeks later, I revisited the park today and it was in lovely bloom.  The experts at Berkshire Botanical Garden know flower names. I just think flowers 꽃 are pretty. 🙂



20140515_121248 20140515_12130420140515_12094320140515_12131920140515_12155420140515_12364020140515_12171120140515_12200020140515_121526




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