A good day! Spoke Korean before 10 AM.

Started the day off with texting

젛은 아침”  Good morning to my language exchange partner.

“저는 깨어있어요. 커피 한잔 마셔요. 시리얼과 우유 먹어요.”  I’m awake. I drink a cup of coffee. I eat cereal and milk.  I had watched a video on conjugating verbs yesterday, so I wanted to practice.  I made mistakes even with just three sentences, but got corrections on my mistakes 실수.

9 am arrived and I had my first Korean class online.  Exciting!  I spoke.  Even if it was just introducing myself and going through the “가 갸 거겨고교그기” combinations, it felt like a big success.  Every other person in the class is currently living in Korea.  I take this as a good sign!  Rubbing elbows with people who have gone to Korea to teach English.

I was nervous that a class would go too fast, but the pace was comfortable.  I like the teacher.  A great way to start my day.  I am very happy today!

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2 Responses to A good day! Spoke Korean before 10 AM.

  1. Mahesh Nair says:

    How exciting it is to make mistakes because we can correct them. It looks like a tough language to learn but then any language can be tough to a first timer. Best!


  2. Aneta says:

    It’s so nice to see you this excited and happy about your classes! Good luck and have fun with it ;3


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