Can you count in Korean the number of Dramas you’ve seen?

I sort of learned the first ten numbers in Korean, but I still count on my fingers.  My goal before June 11th class of KDA (Korean Digital Academy, Rob Julien’s online class I am taking) is to actually be able to rattle off a long number.

You would think that years of Taekwondo 태권도 would have drilled the native Korean system into my head.  It is like I know a word “하나 둘 셋 넷 다섯 여섯 일곱 여덟 아홉 열” but if you said “Quick, tell me the word for 7”, out come the fingers.

I so have to break myself of this habit and commit the numbers to memory before I embarrass myself in conversation.

I am going to use dramas to help me.  You can make a game out of this by seeing if you can identify all of the dramas before looking at the answers at the end of the post.

Number Native Korean Sino-Korean
1 하나 Goong
2 둘  Marry Me Mary
3 셋 Flower Boy Ramen Shop
4 넷 Boys Over Flowers
5 다섯 Coffee Prince
6 여섯 Rooftop Prince
7 일곱 Stars Falling From the Sky
8 여덟 Gentlemen’s Dignity
9 아홉 Nine: 9 Time Travels
10 열 School 2013
11 열하나 Queen Seon Deok 십일
12 열둘 Bachelor’s Vegetable Store 십이
13 열셋 Sungkyunkwan Scandal 십삼
14 열넷 Secret Garden 십사
15 열다섯 My Little Bride 십오
16 열여섯 Faith 십육
17 열일곱Bridal Mask 십칠
18 열여덟 Sweet 18 십팔
19 열아홉 She is 19 십구
20 스물 Chuno 이십
29 스물구 18 vs 29 이십구
30 서른 Iljimae 삼십
40 마흔 Dal Ja’s Spring 사십
50 쉰 Last Cinderella 오십
60 예순 Grandpas Over Flowers 육십
70 일흔 Tree with Deep Roots 칠십
80 여든 Prime Minister & I 팔십
90 아흔 You From Another Star 구십


100 101st Proposal
1,000  A Thousand Kisses
10,000  Heirs
100,000  Queen In Hyun’s Man 십만
1,000,000  My Princess 백만
10,000,000  Lie to Me 천만
100,000,000 (100 million)  Incarnation of Money
1,000,000,000 Billion  Can Love Become Money 십억
1,000,000,000,000 Trillion  Swallow the Sun
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