How much is 2 million won?

It might just be a side effect of studying the Korean language, but I have changed from just being a little curious about Korea dramas 2 years ago to now I am bookmarking tours and studying how the money works as if I will some day be going to Korea.

m1 m5 m10 m50

Today, I even spent time watching home videos of complete strangers!  A young couple from Niagara Falls, Canada traveled to Korea for a year to teach English.   Jono and Amanda’s Korean Adventure  with 27 videos and some amazing photographs. Episode 5 talking about Korean money might be a place to start.


Isn’t it funny how something unimaginable can become something that seems possible?

I know now that someone with a college degree who teaches in Seoul should get 2 million won for full time teaching (roughly $2000 US/month).  I am really just trying to get Korean numbers straight in my head for my classwork, but I can’t help daydreaming a little.  🙂



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