How to Study Korean

Stick to studying one thing for a month, see what happens.  I am trying to keep this resolve.  I am studying Rob Julien’s Korean Digital Academy (KDA) and supplementing with Talk to Me In Korean TTMIK and KPOP to KTalk’s SEO IN GUK – BOMTANABA  (서인국 – 봄 타나봐) .

However, like a squirrel sees a nut and has to store it away for winter, I found a website today that I really want to dig into.  How to Study Korean.  A free website designed to take you all the way to speaking Korean fluently, it promises “By the time you are done, you will know 9000 of the most common Korean words and 99.9% of the grammar used in Korean conversation.”

Will is a Canadian teacher living in Seoul.  He kept meticulous track of his process of learning Korean and turned it into 100 lessons.  Don’t be put off by crude graphics, the material presented is excellent.

Well, bookmark that website to get back to later!



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