Culture Exchange: Country Music and Trot

One of my pen pals told me that the older Korean generation likes Trot music 트로트.  He compared Trot to American Country Music.  When he was learning English, he liked listening to George Jones’ music.

Music 음악 is a great way to interest people in a foreign language.

Highway Star - Learning about Trot music in movie and drama

Highway Star –  Trot music in movie and drama

I took music appreciation class in college. I try to be open minded. So I listened to some trot music including the Kim Sisters on Ed Sullivan Show.  So KPop being appreciated by American audiences has it’s roots back in the 1960’s?

My entry to Korean music was Korean Drama Original Soundtracks (OST).  I had never heard of KPop before 2012.  Now, I have more than 400 Korean songs in ITunes.  Before I got serious about studying the Korean language, I use to pretend listening to a KPop song was learning.  KPOP to KTalk is learning. While I wouldn’t call myself a KPop fan, I like KPop a lot better than Trot.



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