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Play dough, not learning

Some times teachers and parents sneak a little learning into playtime with children.  One way is to create “play dough mats” that teach a concept.  For example, letters, shapes, numbers. Say you are studying Korean vocabulary for parts of the … Continue reading

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LingQ-ing for Dummies

Unlike other software, I have really struggled with grasping LingQ.  It has been a source of a lot of frustration for me.  I don’t want to blame LingQ.  It is like hitting your thumb with a hammer and blaming the … Continue reading

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Twitter, 140 character bites of language

A Duolingo member, Marvy, had the idea to use Twitter to search on new vocabulary words to get short sentences in real world context to understand the word better.   Twitter is a learning tool for me.  I follow folks … Continue reading

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Brunch, not learning

If you are learning Korean, why not get together with other folks who are also learning Korean?  This group in Los Angeles has a Korean/English Language Exchange Brunch. I’ve had meetups with Korean drama fans in Boston and New York … Continue reading

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Faces of Mindpasta

This gallery contains 36 photos.

Oppa Ryan, teach me how to make sentences or anything else you have on your mind like vocabulary and grammar notes. Let’s Learn Korean together.

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App about my favorite drama, not learning

Learning Korean is opening up doors for me.  For example, I discovered a slew of Korean apps by CJ E&M on Google Play. Nine is a favorite drama of mine.  I can download an app to my Android phone and … Continue reading

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10 best ways to learn Korean vocabulary, part 1

Originally posted on Loving Korean | Boyfriend in Korea:
Learning even the basic vocabulary of Korean language can, and usually does, take years, so it makes sense to carefully choose which words to learn first. After all, what use is it…

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Language childhood

“Learning a language through immersion is a bit like having a second childhood. Adults always complain about growing up anyway, so just relax and enjoy your childhood! ;)” – lynkusu, LingQ member I have been the babbling child, the adorable incoherent … Continue reading

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convert PDF files with Korean and English

I want to convert PDF files with both Korean and English to Word, Excel, or Rich Text documents.  This will let me manipulate the data to do things like create import files to flash card software.

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You regret getting sick in the first place

I am feeling under the weather.  I have appreciated all the get well wishes from friends around the world.  Not up for much, including blogging.  Read Kim Yoonmi’s funny post on Open Thread instead.  

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Talk To Me In Korean Grammar lessons

I think I need to work my way through the Talk To Me In Korean grammar lessons.  Sure, I have touched on some of this in the three beginner textbooks I have worked through. However, there seems to be merit … Continue reading

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Accessorize, not learning

It’s not learning, it is just having fun.  So does your language learning touch many areas of your life?  One girl decided to show her love for the language learning software Duolingo by decorating her shoes.  Imagine every time you … Continue reading

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Differentiating between Asian Scripts

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per·cep·tion noun the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. Does language learning change your perception of the world?   keen perception 예민한 지각력. … Continue reading

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I pledge …

As a self-learner, have you made a pledge to yourself?  What kind of student do you want to be?   What are your goals?  How will you measure progress?  Do you have a plan?  Scheduled study times?  Rewards? Have you … Continue reading

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