Naver: English/Korean daily conversations

I sometimes feel like Naver has a wealth of information I could use to learn Korean, if only I knew enough Korean to use Naver!  Haha

For example, Naver posts a short conversation in English and Korean every day with vocabulary words.  I am tempted to make this my start page.



Naver English Dictionary



Naver Translator


If you want something closer to an English dictionary, try the “Previous ENG-ENG Dictionary”.  Enter a term in the search box, and it gives the Collin’s Dictionary from England entry.


Compare that to the current Naver Eng-Eng Dictionary which provides so much information about definition, idioms, usage, and related words in Korean that it is overwhelming and often spans several screens.  When I first tried to use Naver, I would mistake things like [명사], [동사], [부사], [형용사] as the word I was looking up, when in fact they mean ‘noun’, ‘verb’, ‘adverb’, ‘adjective’.  See below for a list of the Korean words you might see in the dictionary entry.


Abbreviations used in Naver Dictionary


abbreviations English/Korean Dictionary PDF e-book

Vocabulary List

[형용사 Adjective]
[한정형용사 Limited Adjective]
[서술형용사 descriptive adjective]
[부사 Adverb]
[접속사 Conjunction]
[감탄사 Interjection]
[명사 Noun]

  • [여성형 Feminine]
  • [부정형 Irregular]
  • [단수형 Singular]
  • [복수형 Plural]
  • [복수명사 Plural Noun]
  • [가산명사 plus noun]
  • [불가산명사 uncountable nouns]
  • [주로 가산명사 mainly adding noun]
  • [주로 불가산명사 usually uncountable noun]

[대명사 Pronoun]

  • [목적격 Objective]
  • [소유격 Possessive]

[동사 Verb]

  • [조동사 Auxillary]
  • [자동사 Intratransitive]
  • [타동사 Transitive]
  • [과거형 Past tense]
  • [과거분사형 past particle]
  • [현재분사 present particle]
[전치사 preposition]

  • [접두사 prefix]
  • [접미사 suffix]
[아랍어 Arabic]
[중국어 Chinese]
[네덜란드어 Dutch]
[프랑스어 French]
[독일어 German]
[그리스어 Greek]
[하와이말 Hawaiian words]
[히브리어 Hebrew]
[힌디어 Hindi]
[이탈리아어 Italian]
[라틴어 Latin]
[중세영어 Middle English]
[고대영어 Old English]
[고대프랑스어 Old French]
[고대북유럽어 ancient Nordic]
[산스크리트어 Sanskrit]
[에스파냐어 Spanish][참조 Reference]
[반의어 Opposite]
[어법 usage]
[유의어 synonym]
[정보 info]
[관련 relevant]
동음어 [동음어]



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