EBS offers Free Korean Language Learning

Educational Broadcasting System (한국교육방송공사) or EBS is a South Korea educational television and radio network, similar to PBS in America.  EBS focuses on Korean culture, language education, and children’s programming.  EBS America broadcasts in the US.


EBS Durian is a free website that teaches Korean language and culture.  Thank you to 김 선생님 who told me about EBS.  Login 로그인 and look for Durian link 두리안 or 다문화 and select English 영어.


EBS also has mobile apps for your smart phone.

I selected the Aesop Fable “Wind and the Sun” and watched an animated video which taught me the moral of the story was kindness is more effective than strength.

표준한국어(KLS) – Korean as second language
다문화 – Multi-cultural

Courses offered range from beginner to advanced.  I watched “Romantic Korea:  Rice wine, becomes poems and smiles” which is a video program with both Korean and English subtitles.  Programs cover Korean food, travel, science, fairy tales, music, practical family matters like pregnancy and children’s education.


Romantic Korea program – Advanced Korean Learning


Sample of Sujan’s Easy Korean course – Beginner Level


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