Mt Greylock

Mt Greylock is located in Berkshires, Massachusetts, USA.  The 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail passes over it.  On top of the mountain is a hiking lodge.  Working there was the best job I ever had.

mtg1 mtg5Bascom Lodge mtg3

Hikers stop in for a meal.  (No one loves food more than a hiker who walks 20 miles over mountains carrying a pack!)

Some mornings, clouds fill the valley, and you can watch them roll beneath the mountain like white ocean waves.  At sunset, someone plays guitar, and we share stories until a million stars shine diamonds.

My home has a view of Mt Greylock, and I look fondly at it every day.

산 = Mountain
등산객 = Mountain hiker
구름 = Cloud
구름에 뒤덮인 산 = A cloud capped mountain

The mountain is shadowed by a cloud.
그 산에는 구름이 드리워져 있다.

A hiker is walking on the footpath.
도보 여행자가 보행자용 길을 걷고 있다.




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