Hello my readers, sorry if you thought this was a blog

Thank you for reading Hanguk Babble.

Hanguk Babble is not a blog.  It might grow up to become one some day.  I feel guilt about my irresponsible use of Hanguk Babble that gives the impression it might be a blog, when in fact it is just a brain dump of random ideas.  I know I am not a responsible journalist providing compelling articles that are well researched and written.

Hanguk Babble is my diary.  It is the scribbled notes of all the things I have come across and want to remember.  It is half-baked ideas.  It is wild imaginings.

I’m aware I have an audience.  Most days that audience is less than 20 page views, so if you are one of my readers, you know how special you are?  Very elite group of folks who managed to find my blog.

I am grateful to each one of my readers.  You are my close friends.  You are Koreans I met at Interpals who patiently teach me.  You are Dramabeans I have talked about Korean dramas with for the last two years on Open Thread.  Poetry fans check in whenever I post a poem.  A delightful few are Korean language learners who happened to find my blog. This has been my favorite part of writing a blog, discovering cool people who have been studying for years and share their insights on the blog.

A special thanks to LovingKorean, whose blog taught me essential things that proved the spark to make me want to study Korean, and to ktiep who recommended the site to me.


It took my 20 days to work up the courage to join Interpals.

A week later, I started Hanguk Babble, sort of by accident, because I just wanted to have a place to put one long post for Open Thread.  I really thought it was going to be one page.  Haha.

A week of meeting Koreans who agreed to be my pen pals was all it took to make me decide to learn Korean.  The flurry of new ideas since then is why I have posted 180 posts in 3 months.  I am quite sure most of that is excessive babbling of an overwhelmed person trying to figure out how to learn Korean on her own.

To paraphrase the polyglot LUCA LAMPARIELLO,  learning a language is not about the words, it is about the NEW IDEAS you are exposed to.  Words come naturally as a result of the new ideas. We learn not for the words, but because it makes you THINK more.

If reading Hanguk Babble gives you NEW IDEAS, I am tickled.  If it makes you LAUGH, then I’ll laugh with you.  If it makes you NOSTALGIC for how you were as a new learner, good.  If it gives you ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM to go out and do something new, even better.

Most of the ideas here at Hanguk Babble are the result of my conversations with Koreans on the other side of the world.  I can’t thank them enough for sharing their knowledge.  They deserve the credit.

All I have to offer you, my readers, is my playful, curious nature and laughter.

Thank you for your kind support.


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One Response to Hello my readers, sorry if you thought this was a blog

  1. randomsoju says:

    A personal blog is still a blog, lol, so I think you are allowed to do whatever you want with it!


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