Try not to learn anything new

It is a radical idea, but I wonder what would happen if I tried NOT to learn anything new for a month?


I need serious spring cleaning and organizing of my language learning resources.

I want to go back and review what I have learned.  However, I have so much new input every day that I never seem to find time to do the less exciting work.

What if I unplugged from the Internet for a while?  Read no new books.  Cruised no new forums.

Just looked at all the material I have gathered in the past 3 months and tried to digest and absorb it?

I can’t completely unplug.  Of course I want to still write/chat/call my Korean friends and visit the Dramabeans Open Thread and take my online class.

However, I think I could benefit from putting my educational house in order.  Finding the bottom of my desk.  Neatening up the bookshelves.  Make up all those flash cards, compile a comprehensive list of known vocabulary, reread the books to see if now I fully comprehend their Korean lessons.

Basically, what if I realized I already have enough material to study?  What if instead of being on the hunt for new ideas, I just tried to REALLY LEARN what I have already seen at least once?

So perhaps I need to just sit for a while and let things settle.  Take a breath.

Maybe part of successful self learning is knowing when to ask yourself “What do I need now?”




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