Speaking in another language is difficult

“Learning another language is not difficult, but speaking it is” Steve Kauffman

Steve Kauffman believes learning a language is not difficult, just time-consuming. However, speaking is.  To speak well, you have to speak a lot.  It is more difficult than speaking in your native language.  It is a slow process.  It is a challenge that is difficult, but achievable.

I have made the decision to speak Korean.  OUT LOUD.

I’ve had 3 hours of speaking practice in KoreanDigitalAcademy class.   I can’t imagine how much work is ahead of me.  I make noise.  Horrible, Bostonian-accented, herky-jerky dissonant sounds from Hangul characters.  Yet it is a start.

Want to speak with me in Korean?

(Listen to Steve talk to his dry cleaner at 2:30 minutes into this video and Korean conversation three months later.)  How soon do you want your dry cleaning? 두년.  2 years 하하

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