I’m not getting any action – start conjugating VERBS

At my novice stage of learning Korean, I have accumulated some vocabulary for nouns, but I am clueless about verbs.  No wonder I can’t get any action!  I need verbs to form sentences.  Without them, my attempts to communicate to my Korean pen pals are uninteresting.

I only use memorized sentences now.  I can’t take an infinitive and conjugate.

I think about purchasing a book such as

500 Basic Korean Verbs



However, I am not sure I could even understand this reference guide yet.  I hope the class I am taking at KDA will help.  Perhaps I really should progress through Talk To Me In Korean’s 9 Levels of grammar lessons methodically.

All I know is verbs are a problem for me.  It is the main stumbling block to creating my own sentences.

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