Making conversation: Anticipation and Follow-up Questions

So far, the extent of my conversational skills in Korean were “Hello.  My name is …”   I might have been able to manage “Nice to meet you.  I am an American.  I am from Massachusetts.”  I never dared ask questions.  Whatever people asked me, I was unable to comprehend let alone formulate a reply quickly enough to answer.

Steve from LingQ suggested that what you need to do in conversations is anticipate what the other person is going to say.  Like studying for a test, you can then prepare for what might be asked.

Picturing tourists with their phrasebook?  It might sound silly to have a set of canned phrases at the ready, but it gives you the building blocks to start to speak.

In the KoreanDigitalAcademy (KDA) class #3, we covered a simple conversation.  It started with a question, to which you could answer yes or no, and then had a follow up question.  Ah ha!  Preparing not only answers, but being able to ask questions and follow up questions, and it starts to look like a conversation.

Because I am a programmer, I immediately visualized this as a flowchart.


This was a real revelation to me.  I swear, in 4 years of high school Spanish, I never tried this.  Now after just 3 hours of instruction, I am speaking in simple conversation with fellow students.

Question, Answer, Follow-up Question

Question, Answer, Follow-up Question

Now I want to run around collecting questions, simple replies, and follow-up questions.  It seems like this is the next step in language maturity, being able to move from a collection of nouns I know from dictionary look ups to actual back and forth interaction.

Now all I need is someone to talk to!  Look out language exchange partner, here I come.

“Ask me about the weather”.weather


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