Dramabeans’ Open Thread and Korean Drama Toddler-style

As if I didn’t have enough to keep myself occupied, found a list of Top 100 Language Blogs.

One blog is Life Abroad with Tommy about teaching English in Korea. Check out the free e-book “Teaching English in Korea Step by Step”.  Lots of other blogs by people living in other countries for language exchange and experience.  The adventurers!  I squirrel away this little nugget for something to read later.

It makes me think of Manin from Norway living in China now and documenting her KDrama toddler style adventures.  (She should write a book! Owl could draw the pictures.) You can check out the Open Thread at Dramabeans.com for the rest of the story.

Open Thread is a Korean drama discussion group held every Friday starting around 9 – 10 AM Eastern Standard Time.  People from around the world participate, and many folks visit week after week, resulting in a great sense of community.  Nice people, and my favorite part of the week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are a few of the blogs of people who visit the Open Thread (in no particular order):

Kakashi, JoAnne, Shuk, Korazy Lady at Problematic of the Unproblematic
Shukmeister Owl Carole McDonnell novelist TS alua Min
Barbara Black Fox (Wagamuffin),  ‘Blogging4Romance’
coffeenlucia Saya KSpazz soserious Serendipity Laden (going to Beijing, China)
Rachel Kim Yoonmi Muenchabench Mar Jessica Shanna
Mary, KDrama Laws cherkell Amanda, Outside Seoul
sleepypie Raine ladida The Real CZ
javabeans girlfriday gummimochi HeadsNo2

Drama fans might be interested in reading An Insight Into Korean Culture Through the Korean Language

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One Response to Dramabeans’ Open Thread and Korean Drama Toddler-style

  1. Manin says:

    Wow I feel honoured that you not only mentioned me but also included the screen caps! I need to go back and reread them all myself now, so many memories in those posts. I’m going to miss them so much when I go. ❤


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