Korean dramas shaping the lives of 12 year olds

“Just a regular girl, fell in love with a Korean drama in 2007 was too damn lazy to study then (I was like 12? ~) few years past and being older I started to study Korean in late 2010 “ – ABOUT ME, Korean Notebook blog, Kirsten

I found the blog “Korean Notebook” on the list of “Top Language Lovers 2013”.  I was immediately impressed.  There is a wealth of content about the journey of self studying this young woman has embarked on.

Then I read her about page.  Phew, let me tell you, I never considered self-teaching myself a language at age 12!  It seems that an affection for Korean drama has taught her important skills about organization, planning, long-term perspective, motivation, and continual improvement.  I am sure all that blogging has honed her writing skills.  I wish her future success and plan to visit the site often.

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