Typing Hangul Part 3 – MoAKey the Android touchscreen Korean keyboard

This is a cool Korean keyboard for Android phones. If I ever hope to text in Korean quickly someday, I might have to try something like this. So far, I am typing with one thumb … like the old lady who can’t manage new technology …

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Korean keyboard for Android devices MoakeyMoakey is a Korean keyboard for touchscreen devices. If you are planning to download Korean keyboard for Android I recommend you try this one out.

It is rather different, and more fun if I may say, than the usual kind of Korean (and Latin) keyboards where you hit the keys as the letters come one after the other.

In the very beginning you may be slow at using it and feel a bit lost, I certainly did, but very soon you will realize you can be much faster with it than with regular input methods.

If nothing else, I suggest you try it out because it will be a unique experience, one only Korean Hangul can provide.

Here is a short, but in-depth video guide I put together for you. Seeing it in action will make things clear really quickly.

MoAKey keyboard uses two unique characteristics of Korean alphabet:

  1. Korean syllables…

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