“You” in Korean

You in Korean
너 : to close friend who has same age or to close younger one
당신 : hard to explain it has different meanings in other situations
1. just you in the pome, novel thingy
2. when we call some old people with respects
3. when you call someone who made you angry
4. when you call someone who you love
형, 형님 : close older friend/brother for male
언니 : close older friend/sister for female
We don’t call stranger as you. just try to call them with others like 저기요, 저… or something like these or we omit to call them and just say. 길 좀 물어도 될까요?


Nice surprise today to get someone offering me to help learn Korean.  While checking out his site, found his explanation of “you” in Korean helpful.  I am afraid of “you 당신”  which has gotten in the way of me forming sentences.


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