Subtitles to Flashcards

I knew it had to exist.  The programmer in me knew that if there was software that can create subtitles, and if there are fans out there who are studying the language, that someone would create a tool to take those subtitles and make Anki flashcards from their favorite shows.  Ta-da!  Today I found it.

Not just take in the subtitles, but allow you to get the actual SOUND from your show. OMG.  I am so happy I think I might not be able to sleep for the rest of the night.

Picture your favorite show.  There is your favorite actor, and he is going to lean in and kiss the girl.  But what is he saying?  No problem, now you can create flashcards with the sentences he says and HEAR THE ACTOR SAY THEM.  This is heaven.  This will motivate me to do my flashcards.

Who is your bias?  What is your favorite show?  What Korean actor do you want to hear teaching you the language?  Awesome.  So totally, incredibly, mind-blowingly exciting.  If I can get this to work, I will be a hero at Dramabeans.

Not to set expectations too high.  I am sure I will need to work thru the technical glitches that are sure to come up.  But hey, this is cool, right?





Subs2srs allows you to create import files for Anki or other Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) based on your favorite foreign language movies and TV shows to aid in the language learning process. See for more information.


Simple: Just provide
1) subtitles from your target language,
2) (optional) subtitles from your native language, and
3) (optional) a video.

  • The multimedia Anki import file can include text, snapshots, audio clips, and video clips.
  • Includes a convenient audio extraction and cutter tool so that you can listen to a show’s audio track on the go using your mp3 player.
  • Includes a tool to generate a single subtitle file that will show both a line of dialog from your native language and a line of dialog from your target language.
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One Response to Subtitles to Flashcards

  1. Naahh says:

    I was thinking about it a few days ago… I’ll surely give it a try when I get home!

    Thanks for sharing!


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