KDA Class #5: How much? That much 원 won.

Today’s Korean Digital Academy class 5 basically boiled down to three questions and answers about money.

이거 얼마입니까? 그거 ___ 원 입니다.
이거 얼마여요? 그거 ___원 이에요.
야거 얼마야? 그거 ___ 원 이야.

[The good, the bad, and the ugly: I correct my spelling of won from 왼 to 원.  Thank you castera621 from Interpals.  Laughed myself silly when I realized I repeated these sentences for an hour and still misspelled won.]

We practiced this for an hour with various pictures of Korean money.

It was harder than it looked! I had to remember if there was a final consonant or vowel. Add ~여요 if vowel and ~이에요 if consonant. Then I had to remember the words for the Korean money. Then remember to include 원 (won). I had to remember which politeness level to use depending on which question was asked (or I was asking).

By the time we reached multiple bills and coins, my brain was ready to meltdown with all those zeros and deciding if it was 천 or 만 and if they combined to shift up to the next monetary unit (two 500 won coins become 천 원 for example).

I came to two conclusions.

1. Don’t trust me with Korean money. Haha.

2. Speaking out loud is different than reading on the page, and it is a skill that needs practice to become faster.  I need to speak out loud more than one hour a week, even if it means talking to myself.

Quick, how much money?


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