KDA Class #5 Quiz

As a self-learner without a clearly defined goal, I am rather undisciplined and lazy.  I was a determined student in college who studied hard.  Yet as a person learning as a hobby, I am not focused.

I don’t want to be quizzed, because it will show I don’t know the material well.  I haven’t committed it to memory. I’m only vaguely familiar with the concepts.

I watch the Korean Digital Academy (KDA) videos, and I nod “Yeah, yeah, I know that.” Then a few days later I try to take the quiz and my brain goes blank.  This is basic stuff.  I should have it memorized by now.  Why is my brain so useless?

Questions I should know but had to look up to be sure:

  • ‘and’ between nouns
  • ‘and’ between sentences
  • The ‘and’ we use between sentences, what can it shorten down to and where do we
    attach it?


Answers: ~ 하고, 그리고, It can shorten down to ‘~고’ and attach on the end of a verb.


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