Learn to notice language

“Noticing language is an active skill, and takes some effort. You need to learn to do it, and be conscious of doing it. … people mostly listen and read for meaning. Once you’ve got the meaning (even though you might have got the wrong meaning) then it’s natural to want to move on. ”

“if nobody is correcting your speaking mistakes then without a lot of work on ‘noticing’ on your part, those mistakes will persist and fossilize. ”

LingQ member zbrntt Speak more and guess more – or practice what you know?

“the ability to improvise is important in so many aspects of life … It’s sometimes easy to forget language learning is about flexibility too.” – Debbielim

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One Response to Learn to notice language

  1. 이재희❤ says:

    I just read the thread and everyone mentions good points. I haven’t really thought about this aspect of language learning much until now. I definitely see how noticing language would help improve one’s skills. Maybe it’s time for me to stop being so passive and start being more active…


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