Ryan’s Notes: Prices & How much?

As I am still working on learning numbers, Ryan’s notes about the prices of items in Seoul comes in handy.

이거 얼마여요?   How much is this?  ___원 이에요.  Is __ won

Below is an except of Ryan’s note.  Visit Mindpasta to see more.  See also a practice conversation to use the prices in ordering food and drink.

Are you wondering about marked prices when you buying some stuffs in Seoul?
Let’s know about it shortly~~~

USD $1 = about 1,100 won in Korea.
EUR €1 = about 1,530 won in Korea.

떡볶이 ( TteokBokI ) : 2,500won a portion
순대 ( SoonDae ) : 2,500won a portion
Meals as ususal : 5,000won to 6,000won
우유 ( Milk ) : 1L 2,100won to 2,300won
식빵 ( bread ) : about 2,200won
딸기잼 ( Strawberry Jam ) : 2,000won to 4,000won
스테이크 ( Steak ) : 35,000won to 60,000won
카페라떼 ( Cafe Latte ) : 4,100won (tall) at Starbucks
아메리카노 ( Americano ) : 3,600won at Starbucks
*other small cafe : 2,000won to 2,800won
Seafood buffet (dinner) : about 30,000won to 40,000won / person
택시요금 ( taxi fare ) : basic charge : 2,400won/2Km and after 100won/144m
버스요금 ( Bus fare ) : cash : 1,000won/10km , transportation card : 900won/10km and after 100won/5km
*we can get the transfer discount between train and bus
햄버거 ( Hamburger ) : 2,800won to 5,000won
피자 ( Pizza ) : most cheap 9,900won at Pizza Hut

Practice Conversation

As I drill myself on numbers and money, I can almost create a conversation with this information.

한국말 / Korean 영어 / English
주문하시겠어요? What would you like to order?
저는 비빔밥 하나 주세요 Please give me one bibimbap.
___ 주세요 I’d like ___
튀김과 녹차 주세요 I’d like twigim and green tea.
샌드위치와 케이크 주세요 I’d like a sandwich and cake.
___ (~과/와) ___ 주세요 I’d like ___ (and) ___
이거 얼마여요? How much is this?
커피 얼마여요? How much is the coffee?
아주 싼 커피 Very inexpensive coffee
그건 비싼요 That’s expensive
음료수는 뭘로 하시겠어요? What would you like to drink?
그냥 물 주세요 Just water please.
콜라 주세요 Please give me a cola.
(그거) 1000원 이에요 This is 1000 won.
아메리카노 3600원 이에요 American coffee is 3,600 won.
여기 있어요 Here it is
고맙습니다 Thank you
천만에요 You’re welcome
반찬 더 드릴까요? Would you like more side dishes?
네, 감사함니다 Yes, thank you.
아니요, 괜찮아요 No, it’s ok.
게산은 어떻게 하시겠어요? How would you like to pay?
따로 해 주세요 Please give us separate bills.
같이 해 주세요 We’ll pay together.
그거 삼만 오천원이에요. This is 35000 won.
십만원이에요. Two 50000 won bills.
육만 육천원이에요. 66,000 won
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