My ears are starving for Korean

How to learn any language in six months: Chris Lonsdale at TED

The most shocking statement in the talk was “Language learning is not about accumulating lots of knowledge.”  Language learning has a physical component.

I’m training my mouth how to make Korean sounds.

I’m training my ears to hear Korean sounds.

That language learning includes retraining my ears to be able to hear the new language is a new idea for me.  Yet I remember clearly the cognitive confusion when I began watching Korean dramas and my brain short-circuited over the sounds, which it was trying to resolve into English words.  I simply couldn’t hear some things, and apparently there is a concept of filtering that explains my initial Korean-deafness.

I say I only started learning Korean language March 2014, but I watched Korean dramas for 2 years before that.  Along the way, I heard lots of Korean words said.  I have no comprehension of what those sounds mean, how to spell them, or how to make the sounds myself.  That has begun with the official decision to study Korean.  However, I did immerse myself in the sounds of Korean with drama and music as my first stage of coming to the idea that I wanted to learn this language.    I just didn’t know it at the time.

Oddly, I have stopped listening to Korean since I started to learn.  I hate Pimsleur audio. I haven’t been watching Korean dramas.  I have listened and read a lot of English, as I try to learn how to learn, and that hasn’t left time to watch the Korean dramas any more.  My ears are starving for Korean, and I need to do something to correct this lack.


English Transcript of TED Talk The Third Ear a book by Chris Lonsdale

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