Mindpasta and Ryan’s Notes on Learning Korean

I am enjoying reading Ryan’s notes on Mindpasta, but I get confused as to how to find them.  So I am going to put links to them here.  My plan is to eventually read them all.

Learning Korean

Part 1 – Grammar Alphabet

Part 2 – Grammar Making Word…
Part 3 – Grammar Sentences
Part 4 – Emotions & Grammar
Part 5 – Grammar
Part6 Grammar
Part 7 – Gim-Chi & grammar
Part 8 – World War II & Expressions about eating
Part 9 – Traditional fairy tale & greetings
Part 10 – Christmas
Part 11 – Watching movie
Part 12 – Korean age & Will
Part 13 – Boy&Girlfriend & Calling
Part 14 Secret Garden & How to know the way in Seoul
Part15 Prices & How much?
How to use mindpasta?
Part16 Special names in Korea
Let’s cook DDeokBokkI!
part 17 – helping Verb & the Past
Part18 – must visit places in Seoul and proverbs
Part 19 – Korean traditional house
Part 20 Water park & past particle
Part 21 Korea&Japan, Korean& and UFO
Part 22 Recipe of Korean food & How to be polite when you visit Korean house
Part 23 Recipe of Korean food & How to order at the cafe
Part 24 How to pronounce in Korean as well!
Part 25 – Let’s emphasize you
Part 26 – Slangs in Korean
Part 27 Frequently using verbs
Part 28 Frequently using verbs 2
Part29 – Structure of sentences
Part 30 – fairy tale
Part 31 – Adjective
Part 32 – Adverb
Part33 – Sino Korean and Native Korean
We should know skills when we make website
The name of Korean women
Part 34 – Nouns
Part 35 – Nouns
Part 36 – Polite or impolite expressions
Part 37 – Advanced using 은,는,이,가,을,를
Conversation for each cases in Korean – hang up
Part 38 – Passive tense
Part 39 – Making sentences II
Formal or Informal

To see all of Ryan’s notes, you can type in the web address

Also find lots of information under the topic “Korean”



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  1. ryan says:

    my list is on the right column 🙂


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