Perfume Colors



Use what you see around you every day as a chance to practice your Korean vocabulary.

For example, today I was on Mindpasta, and decided it made sense to learn the names of the perfumes that are used as currency in the game.

perfume = 향수

bottle = 병

pink = 분홍 , green = 녹색 , blue = 파랑 , black = 검정 , purple = 보라, emerald = 에메랄드

The word order:  (color) + (perfume) + (number) + (bottle counting unit).

Example sentences:

녹색 향수 한 병 .  one bottle of green perfume.

파랑 향수 두 병.  two bottles of blue perfume.

분홍 향수 5 병.   5 bottles of pink perfumes.


Here is some more information about perfumes in the social site Mindpasta where you can learn some Korean while playing games and talking with others who like Korean drama and KPop.  Why don’t you stop by and try it yourself?


perfume2A rule to get better perfumes from your flowers!
1. Enough pink perfumes give the chance to get green perfumes from flowers
2. Enough pink & green perfumes, chance to get emerald perfumes
3. Enough pink, green & emerald perfumes, chance to get blue perfumes
4. Enough pink, green, emerald & blue perfumes. chance to get black perfumes
5. Enough pink, green, emerald, blue & black perfumes give the chance to get purple perfumes from flowers

Win perfume

Win perfume



Give away perfume

Give away perfume

Beg for Perfume

Beg for Perfume

Personality based on your favorite color

Personality based on your favorite color



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