Learning German with LingQ

LingQ is an International community of people.  I really like that I am getting to know people from many countries.  I look forward to Yutaka from Japan publishing his English corrections.  I know Vera from Germany will offer sage advice.  Alex from Canada will answer my Korean tutor questions.  Charles from Britain will provide detailed writing corrections, often reminding me how far American English is different from proper British English.  Many other personalities and countries are represented.

I have a great respect for Vera, who seems to put endless hours of work into LingQ.  She creates lessons, does tutoring, and answers LingQ questions, as well as thought provoking posts on the discussion threads.

If you are interested in learning German, check out Vera’s blogs – Beginner in English.

See also her video:

Some of Vera’s advice:

  1. Stay motivated.  Enjoy learning.
  2. Don’t stress yourself.
  3. Develop a daily routine.  Have regular times dedicated to your study.
  4. Choose activities that you like.
  5. Don’t focus on Grammar.
  6. Do not expect to understand or remember it all at the beginning.
  7. Above all, be patient.  Enjoy your listening and reading.


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1 Response to Learning German with LingQ

  1. Vera says:

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂


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