What was that word? I forget.

Struggle to remember vocabulary?

Polyglot Luca Lampariello has some suggestions. Forget it: the secret of remembering words

Also, native Korean numbers 10 – 90 with my crazy pictures to remember them.

1.  Connect.  Be interested in the word.  Be emotionally attached.  Be passionate about learning.  Remind yourself this is an incredible experience to learn language.

2.  Concentrate.  Turn off all distractions and focus.  Play audio while reading, so that you must concentrate on both, heightening your attention to what you are learning.  Be fully engaged.

3.  Comprehend.  Focus on the sentences and the entire story.  Remembering the individual words is easier when they are part of a sentence you understand and has meaning.

4.  Associate.  Associate the new words with something you already know. The more absurd, the better.  The more senses used (visual, auditory, smell, taste, touch) the better. Associate with shape, color, music, texture, people, or others things you know.  The loci method  says you can best remember places that you are familiar with, so visualize the words in your house or town.

5.  Consolidate.  Take the time to store and process the information.  Review what you have learned at regular intervals.  Timing is important!

6. Context.  Context is king!  Always learn words in context. What circumstance should this word be used? Read as much as you can to see words in context.  See words in multiple contexts and let your brain think about that.

7.  Dynamic.  Dynamically interact with the words.

8.  Constantly learn.  Once you have the core language concepts, learning doesn’t stop. Surrounding yourself in continual learning experiences.  Immerse yourself in the language.

“Language is an ability you acquire, it is not a subject you study” – Luca Lampariello


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I have been trying for weeks to memorize numbers.  The Sino-Korean words I linked to images, I still remember.  The native Korean words I put with Korean dramas, just won’t stick.  My brain discards any native Korean number over 19 as unimportant.

10 yawl – 2 mast sailing ship
20 $20 admission to see Sue (dinosaur) in 물 스물
30 30 kids playing Sewer Run 서른
40 Heun crying for his Ma after 40th fight 마흔
50 schwinn bicycle ridden by 50 year old
60 Yeo at 6 PM in Moon that embraces the Sun 예순
70 “Sick” illustrator Heun’s art is 70’s slick 일흔
80 Yo! look out for 80 sandworms on Dune 여든
90 Unicorn playing horn on cloud 90 아흔
I want these dice!

I want these dice!

Learn Korean with SoYoung The KPopers.

While searching the internet for images to associate with the numbers, ran across a lot of interesting sites like Say Jack – Learn Korean with flashcards and audio and Hanja. The problem is to resist getting side tracked. So I write it down here, promise myself some other day to explore. I hope I encourage you on your language learning path, but I don’t have it all figured out yet.

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