Talk To Me In Korean Grammar lessons

I think I need to work my way through the Talk To Me In Korean grammar lessons.  Sure, I have touched on some of this in the three beginner textbooks I have worked through. However, there seems to be merit for a self-learner like me to see the same thing discussed in different ways until something finally “clicks” and I “get it”.

It is consolidating what I know.  Review is a part of my studying I haven’t done enough of, without the fear of exams to study for.

I’ve reached the point where it isn’t just browsing quickly to see grammar rules exist, but wanting to know the rules intimately enough to use them with confidence.

I’ve slowed down a lot.  I’m not picking up as many vocabulary words.  I’m not slap-dash trying to fake that I can form a sentence, in attempts to communicate with my Korean pen pals.  I think this is a good thing.  Korean Digital Academy (KDA) is useful in keeping me on a steady path to learning the fundamentals.  I’m trying to have the variety of material/software to keep me interested, while having the underlying topic be in sync with KDA.  It’s been weeks I have been thinking about numbers, but I am slowly mastering this topic.

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