Real World Pop Quiz – First Look

My smartphone presented me with a pop-up dialog box asking a question.  It looked like this:

퍼스트룩 매기진
[배럴즈] 팝업스토 오픈
최대 15% 할인

지금 학인하기

퍼스트룩 실행

OK, so it has two buttons, it must be asking me for a choice.  But what?

I take a deep breath and try not to panic.  I see a percent sign.  Does it mean I am going to be ordering the “First Look” magazine delivered to me at 15% savings?  I am not even sure which button is Yes and which No.  For that matter, I get Yes and No mixed up in Korean, because the correct answer depends on how the question is phrased and often you have to say No when in English you say Yes.

When in doubt with Hangul, I find sounding things out helps.

“퍼스트룩 매기진” is First Look magazine  “팝업” Pop-up?  “오픈” Open?

I know “지금” is now.

Typing in to Google Translate yields the two buttons say “지금 학인하기” confirmed for now and “퍼스트룩 실행” First Look execution.

I remain perplexed.  Another real world pop quiz failure.  But I am proud of myself for getting a little further in the translation than I would have before.

Venturing into the “real world” of Korean is a little bit scary.  I am far from comfortable visiting websites all in Korean.  I am suspicious of this Korean app, which is probably just trying to do something nice for me, like download the latest pictures of hot Korean actors.

It takes courage to put yourself in situations where you don’t fully understand what is being asked.  I’m not someone who is use to dealing with uncertainty.  It is an aspect of language learning that is difficult for me.

You are so brave lady

Chulmoon always says to me “You are so brave lady.”  I don’t believe that, but I like that someone believes in me.  It gives me courage.  I keep going in this strange new land, intrepid explorer.



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One Response to Real World Pop Quiz – First Look

  1. Spam ad? I guess 확인하기 will bring you to the website. No explanation about 실행? I’d look for X mark or 취소.


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