Pop Quiz – and I passed! Whoo hoo!

With real world pop quizzes, I haven’t fared very well. However, tonight Chulmoon gave me one on Facebook Messenger, and I passed!

The thing about chatting is that there isn’t time to look things up, carefully compose your answer, retype what was written in Hangul into Google Translate to figure out what the person is saying.  You either know it off the top of your head, or you are a goner.

First question Chulmoon asked

1.  Do you know about 엄마(어머니), 아빠(아버지), 형, 동생, 삼촌, 작은 아버지, 큰 아버지, 이모, 고모, 사촌, 이종 사촌.

Phew, I knew this one!  Family.  With one of my Korean pen pals, I got into a discussion about what the correct name for some of my relatives are.  For example, my aunt Judy and my aunt Sarah.  In Korean, you don’t use the same word for ‘aunt’ to both.  Judy is my mother’s half sister.  Sarah is my mother’s brother’s wife.  (Don’t worry, I won’t quiz you.  My family relations get a bit complicated.)  However, it sparked an interest in looking up family terms in Korean.

I also learned about counting “chon” 촌 by making a mistake in describing some cousins to Chulmoon.  I had learned about it from Kim Yoonmi on Dramabeans.


“O ho!! You are not elementary kid with Korean.”


오호!! 쥴리아는 이미 유치원 학생이 아니예요.

그동안 한글 공부 많이 했나보군요.

That is high praise.  I will hold on to this little gem for the next time I get discouraged with studies.  Yes, I have studied a variety of Hangul topics.

Weekly Korean had a post that helped me understand some of the family terms.  It is on my list to write my own post about family terms.

2.   동, 서, 남, 북.

I answered “directions”.  One of the areas I have been studying is Korean provinces.  경상북도 and 경상남도 are North and South Gyeongsang  provinces.

동쪽 and 동 is eastward and east, Chulmoon confirmed.  Yeah!  I passed.  Chulmoon wrote, “It seems you studied much more during absence.”

Perhaps I am like “Slumdog Millionaire”.  I just happened to know the answers to those two questions.  On the other hand, my intense curiosity has led me to read many things, so I am often surprising Chulmoon with things I know about Korea.

In terms of speaking, I can do greetings, ask how much something costs, say I’m hungry, tell time, and say “John is a doctor, and Chris is a teacher.”  I can count.  That’s about it. In writing, I still look up every word, struggle with matching sounds I know to written Hangul, and only create sentences by piecing together phrases I have memorized.  I have a long way to go.  But today, I will focus on this:

Today, I celebrate that I passed my pop quiz!



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2 Responses to Pop Quiz – and I passed! Whoo hoo!

  1. Concratulation! It seams you are on a good way!


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