Celebrating sound!

Every habit that puts Korean into my life is a step closer to learning to speak.

Thinking how to solve my audio problem, I have realized the following can be used to play audio

  1. Car
  2. Phone
  3. TV
  4. ITouch
  5. Really old MP3 device I strap to my arm when walking
  6. portable CD player
  7. DVD player

There are some technical issues to resolve to get these devices to work. Laptop isn’t an option for listening to the CD’s that come with textbooks, and I haven’t found a way to get those CD’s copied.  Car is the only way I can listen to CD’s.

Today, I put in my “Read and Speak Korean” into the car CD player.  This is the first CD I ever used.  It came with my first textbook summer 2012.  I remember thinking my brain was melting into a puddle trying to hear the Korean.  When they had sample conversations, I could only catch bits.  I couldn’t make the sounds.  I didn’t know how.

This was before I actually started studying Korean, when I was just a bit curious.   I didn’t know much about Korea, had just started watching dramas, and had never met a Korean.

Today, as I repeated along to the CD, I was impatient.  They were speaking so slow!  I laughed.  This was all easy to me now.  I could speak along. I could hear the conversations.  I knew what the teacher meant when she described the ㄹ sounding like an R when it was between two vowels, but an L otherwise  (나라, 서울).

Today, I also used the “play all” feature of 50Languages app to listen and repeat numbers 1 – 100.  I had formerly thought of the apps like paper flashcards, but they are also audio players.  This includes the LingQ app, which lets me listen to my lessons from my phone.

So I am celebrating.

  1. I’ve made progress in Korean so that my “Read and Speak” is easy.
  2. I’ve used some problem solving to come up with solutions to listen to audio.
  3. I bought a portable DVD player so I can listen to audio in my bedroom or the bath.

Alexander listens to audio every night before he goes to bed.  I want to make that a new habit.

Today, I feel like I am making progress.


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2 Responses to Celebrating sound!

  1. Sorry I had problem with log in!
    I import CD to my iTunes account.From there I can use it on my iPad and iPod.


    • jreidy17 says:

      With getting into the gritty details, all my songs/language audio are on ITunes but my phone is Android and spotty internet means cloud storage not an option. I’ll resolve it some day. It is not unsolvable, just will take time to research and learn.


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